Thank you for your interest in the AIDA community!

We welcome more women to join our team. We are dedicated to hiring enthusiastic and dedicated individuals with relevant skills, but are obviously mostly looking for women with immigrant and refugee backgrounds. We are also occasionally taking interns.

For careers, email us at

At the moment...

AIDA is looking for someone great to join the team part-time or as an intern! We are looking for visualists, social media managers, content producers, project coordinators etc.

Please apply if you have:

  • A sense of aesthetics
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Some skill in photography
  • Working proficiency in Finnish and in English (knowing some Arabic is considered as a plus)
  • The ability to work in Helsinki at least two days a week
  • Interest in jewellery design

Importantly, we stress that someone who wishes to join AIDA, should share our values of antiracism and feminism.

Further, we encourage people from various backgrounds to apply. It is not merely about the skills you currently have, but rather about your eagerness and capability to learn. So please, apply if you are truly excited!

Send your CV and an open letter (in Finnish or in English). The letter should include your statement of motivation, the tasks you are interested in, your salary request, and a link to your portfolio or to your works / social media content anywhere. Send these to by the 8th of September 2020.