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Social impact

AIDA impact employs mothers, who have had to leave their home countries to start it all over. Finding a job in a new country without contacts, local language or recognition of the foreign professional qualification would not be easy for anyone. 
Out of all the immigrant groups refugee women with children are at the high risk of staying unemployed. For most AIDA employees working for AIDA is their first opportunity for a job in Finland. This work gives experience, income, network, and a gateway to working-life. However working for AIDA is not a full-time job.
According to European Commission refugees represent one of the most vulnerable groups of migrants on the labour market and society as a whole. Research suggests that early and effective labour market participation is a key aspect of the integration process. Entering the labour market is not only essential for the purpose of autonomous and independent living, but it can also address other needs that many refugees might have: it improves language skills, increases cultural awareness, builds local and social networks, increases social participation and improves physical and mental health. (source: European Public Employment Services)
AIDA team in Helsinki, August 2018
Elina, Nonna, Sara, Lamya, Sofi, Muhamed and Fatima