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About us

AIDA impact is a social mission company from Helsinki Finland, founded in spring 2018. We believe that even a pair of earrings can change the world a little bit.
"I designed this brand for optimist, change makers, and dreamers who occasionally also make things happen. Maybe for the kind of person I, too, dream to become.  
I have been making jewellery nearly all of my life. I made my first pieces at the age of three or four. But life happened and suddenly there was no more time for creativity — until I became a mother.
I became the mother to Sofi in fall 2017.  It made me understand how privileged I was, spending time at home with my little baby in  this safe country with all the support around. We have won the birth lottery, unlike many others. I wanted to do something and spread the good.
AIDA was born.”
Elina, the founder of AIDA 
PS. There would be no AIDA with the support of friends, Startup Refugees and Sara, the first employee of Aida impact. Thank you for making this dream come true and helping us in this important mission.