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Moonlight silk earrings

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Moonlight silk earrings
Moonlight silk earrings

Moonlight silk earrings

Colour: Electric blue silk, with purple, white, black and green embroidery


Tassel:100% silk

Hook: 100% silver

Embroidery: nylon and cotton

Size: 7cm x 1 cm

Production: All the items are handmade in Finland

Packaging: All the AIDA goods come with a FSC® certified box



AIDA impact employs mothers and women, who have had to leave their home countries to start it all over. In addition to the first opportunity to work in Finland, we offer other help in building careers and integration. 

Work improves language skills, increases cultural awareness, builds local and social networks, increases social participation and improves physical and mental health. 

Thank you for choosing AIDA and supporting better integration and brighter future of families. 

Please note: This product is handmade. Therefore all the pieces are unique. The look may vary from shown in photos. 

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